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What is Sport Psychology?  Many people I meet have this same question, and it is a valid one.  Simply, sport psychology is a field of study and practice that is focused on the mental skills that promote reaching the highest states of performance. For the select few of us who have earned certification through the Applied Association of Sport Psychology, we are officially known as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC).

Peak performance, being in the zone, having a state of flow; these are all phrases that have gained popularity over the years.  Each are achievable levels of performance that are based on sound psychological theories related to nearly any type of performance. 

A sport psychologist, or consultant, is a mental performance coach who focuses his efforts on teaching athletes to develop mental skills which enhance physical performance. Teams from Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and major NCAA conferences have all implemented specific positions for cognitive performance coaches within the last few years, and the trend is growing.  Even more impressive is the inclusion of cognitive performance specialists for military groups (i.e. special forces) within the US military, who has been ahead of the curve in recognizing the value of being mentally prepared to perform at a high level. Working with a performance coach can be beneficial for athletes, students, professionals, coaches, and teams at any level.  Those who do can experience improved performance by strengthening their "mental game".

I use a strengths based approach to help you grow from where ever you are now.  This means enhancing your skills, talents, and assets with evidence based techniques of mental training from solid research in the fields of sport and performance psychology.  My approach is an integrated one that helps you develop positive thinking, manage your emotions, and engage in productive behaviors for your area of competition and performance.  This may also include the learning of new mental skills that you can incorporate into your training and performance, allowing you to reach new heights.
Why work with me as your Performance Coach?  Because you are looking for more.  Anyone, at any level, can improve what they do and how they perform by implementing mental skills training.  I have decades of experience as an athlete, coach, and teacher which I use in my practice as a certified sport psychology professional. My focus to is work with people who seek growth by being challenged, and then learn to challenge themselves in creative ways so as to promote continuous growth.

If this sounds like what you are looking for in seeking a higher level of performance, contact me so that we can begin to work together to help you get the results you believe you can achieve.

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