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Todd Dilbeck, M.A., CMPC #577

I am a professional sport psychology consultant with knowledge and experience in the psychological aspects of performance.  My role as a mental coach is based in my interest in opportunities to help others maximize their potentials through growth and challenge. My experience as a teacher and coach, coupled with formal education and training in sport psychology should prove to be valuable to those looking for serious guidance and leadership in reaching higher levels of performance. I am a member of the APA's Division 47, as well as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) with the 
Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

My goal is to provide professional and personalized assistance by understanding your unique needs, and matching science based mental skills to your training.  Together we will work to develop a mental training program meant to improve how you prepare and perform.

My professional approach is rooted in Cognitive, Humanistic, and Positive Psychology theories.  Simplified, I work to first understand your strengths, help you understand what might be prohibiting you from maximizing your potential, and then returning to your strengths with new tools that help you to perform at a higher level. The science of psychology aims to address cognitive, emotional, and behavioral dynamics involved in high levels of performance.

I have served as a sport specific coach for over 30 years ranging from youth to Olympic level athletes. I also worked for six years as an athletic director, and have held leadership roles within the California Interscholastic Federation and Sac-Joaquin Section. These experiences have given me unique insight and experience in understanding the pressures of performance and competition for athletes and coaches alike. Additionally, I have spent time working with local physical therapists and clients to assist athletes in rehabilitation efforts.

My credibility has been built by working with a range of international and amateur level athletes in varying sports ranging from traditional sports such as basketball, baseball, and soccer, to Olympic sports such as equestrian, wrestling, and track and field.  Specialties include consultation in performance and coaching, leadership, teaching and instruction, and designing motivational environments.


The feedback from clients is the best way to explain my credibility and the benefit of mental training.  Check to see what my clients have to say.

"I had always been competitive in my (Inline Speed Skating) races, but stuggled mentally.  I would do anything to improve in my sport, and it was frustrating to let my brain get in the way.  I found Todd, and through working with him I was able to scale my mental obstacles and perform at levels I never knew were possible.  This summer I was National Champion, and broke the record for the 1000 meter distance; all of which would not be possible without Todd.  I am able to manage my brain and life more than I ever had before working with Todd."

Skyler Zapata, Inline Speed Skater
2015 Novice Jr Ladie National Champion

​Sport psychology and mental coaching for athletes in the Sacramento, Folsom, and Roseville areas

“Todd's work with the men’s soccer team was instrumental in helping to define types of leadership and player roles in the leadership process. We believe that there will be a direct result in individual and team performance because of this process.”

Mike Linenberger, CSUS Men's Soccer Head Coach


Coach Dilbeck worked with our pitching staff from start to finish. He created a culture that empowered our athletes. By season’s end, our pitchers had reached an impressive 12 of 14 benchmarks outlined before the first pitch was thrown. Coach created a group that became extremely close-knit and exceptionally self-motivated. He was successful beyond my expectations in getting young people to take ownership for their preparation in a process-oriented environment. The mindset of the pitching staff shifted as the primary focus became the percentage of strikes thrown and earned runs allowed. Strikeouts, wins and losses became secondary – outcomes which were the result of executing the next pitch.  Incorporating the mental game in sport has become a necessity. I would recommend coach Dilbeck for any high school coach wishing to allow athletes to more fully enjoy their while at the same time maximizing their athletic potential.

Joe Potulny, Jesuit High School Baseball Head Coach

"I have been training in the sport of Judo since the age of 4 (22 years).  For the past 6 years, I have been chasing my Olympic dream. Two years ago, I began to struggle mentally which affected my performance on and off the mat. I reached out to Todd in the hopes of getting help to overcome my mental obstacles.  In a short amount of time, I began to see positive progression in my performances in international tournaments and began to climb the World Ranking List; more importantly, getting closer to qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England. I achieved numerous personal goals in the attempt. I credit the work I did with Todd in allowing me to mentally straighten out and strengthen my mind. I would not have been able to get as far as I did without his help."

Ann Shiraishi
3rd Degree Black Belt
United States Judo Team 
Ranked #1 in the United States (-48kg Division)
2008 Olympic Team Alternate
2010 & 2011 World Team Member 

"In February 2011 playing baseball , I tore two ligaments in my knee, strained a third, and fractured my tibia. The first orthopedic surgeon told me my athletic career was over and even my physical therapists could not give me certainty that I would ever be the same athlete that I was before the injury. I couldn’t walk for four weeks and was forced to take a leave of absence from school. It was the toughest experience of my life.

With the help of Todd, I was able to push my body mentally and physically to limits beyond I could ever imagine. After six months of physical therapy, and a little more than a year later, I walked onto the USC football team as wide receiver.

There is no question that I would not have made the gains I did without the help of Todd. His experience was truly helpful. The toughest part of rehab for me was the uncertainty of the recovery process. Every week felt like a new hurdle, and with the help of Todd, I was leaping over everyone with success. By simplifying my train of thought, he gave me reassurance that I could push my knee. Instead of focusing on the mechanics of my stride, he told me to focus on running through the finish. It was about working collectively with a team, and without Todd’s experience the outcome of my rehab would not have been the same." 

Eric Matranga, USC Football

"When I first started working with Coach Dilbeck I was looking to find confidence in my game as well as find ways to relieve the stress on both my body and mind. We were able to discover what triggered my stress and from there he gave me ways to resolve and prevent these triggers from reoccurring. Not only were we able to decrease and eventually prevent the stress but I found the confidence that I needed to play at my highest level. Through working with Coach I have become a more confident player and am able to perform at my highest level once again. My time spent working with Coach was extremely beneficial and has continued to help me improve."

Katelin, HS & D1 Collegiate Basketball Player

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