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LEADERSHIP, Coaching, & Parenting

Positive Sport & Performance Coaching

AASP Certified Sport Psychology Consultation

Todd Dilbeck, CMPC


Whether you are a coach, teacher, or manager, the bottom line is you are a leader responsible for getting others to perform at their best.  Being a leader at any level requires a high degree of confidence in who you are, what you know, and how to do it right.  Equally important is a leader who is humble enough to continuously work to improve one's skills in relating and communicating to players. Successful coaches also become experts in designing environments that inspire others to commit to getting better and being their best.  My two decades of experience and knowledge can strengthen your foundation, guiding you to instill your values as support and consistency to your leadership.

If this was easy, we would all be following the same plan.  The truth is, parenting an athlete is complicated. Supporting your son/daughter in pursuit of their goals is a careful balancing act. If you find yourself frustrated, consultation can be an effective way to learn techniques that help your child. Learn to maintain your values, while empowering your athlete to be self-motivated.

Coaching Leadership  & Parenting services are focused on the following:

  • Creating motivating environments that encourage athletes to excel

  • Keys instructional techniques that optimize performance

  • Improve communication skills

  • Identifying and defining roles that are inclusive and increase motivation

  • Dealing with the "ups & downs"

  • ​Managing emotions, separating outcomes