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AASP Certified Sport Psychology Consultation

Todd Dilbeck, CMPC


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The application and cost of service is a fair and understandable question for prospective clients.  In order to help you, I have included a brief description of consultation services and application, along with applicable fees. My goal is to provide premier sport psychology in Sacramento. 

For professional clarity, my services are not intended as treatment for psychological disorders. My services are concentrated in providing consultation and coaching of mental skills that overcome barriers or enhance performance. Should issues of mental disorder arise, I am happy to make referral for appropriate care.

Once you've decided this is the next-step in your training and development, contact me.

Todd Dilbeck, MA, CMPC #577
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A mental training session hour consists of 50 minutes and includes assessment of progress, consultation on associated factors related to goal of consultation, and prescribed techniques designed to assist an individual (or team) in improvements in performance.  Costs include the value of personal consultation, preparation and research, potential use of formal psychological assessments, as well as business expenses. Travel for consultant beyond 50 miles of “home office” (Folsom) will also require a $50 fee in excess of service fee to cover cost of travel


Individual Consultation

$125 per session (sliding scale possible upon consideration for personal circumstance)
Traditional consultation approach – emphasis on cognitive & positive psychological approaches
Mental coaching applied to unique individual circumstances
Personal application of scientific theories
Suited for those with specific struggles related to performance (known or unknown origin)


Mental Toughness Training Package

$625 – six sessions over 6-12 weeks (depending on client need/availability)
Progressive approach to teach mental skills associated with mental toughness
Athlete application of “teachings” to competitive & training situations
Modern coaching/mentoring approach
Suited for those interested in “next level” training (additive to physical training)


​Mental Toughness Training Package

$1,000 – seven sessions (+$15 for each athlete for groups larger than 20)

  • Fee includes Mental Training Manual for each athlete, and equates to $50 per athlete for the entire package

Suited for teams looking to develop greater elements of mental toughness

Interactive presentations covering specifics and applications proven to positively improve performance

  • Developing Confidence
  • Focusing & Refocusing
  • Positive Thinking
  • Managing Emotions
  • Routines for Success
  • Growth Goal Setting
  • Visualizing Success

Team Unity Camp

$600 – four sessions (+$15 for each athlete over group larger than 20)

  • Fee includes Mental Training Manual for each athlete

Suited for emerging teams (or new season) looking to initiate & sustain cohesion
Education & Application toward four areas of team unity:

  • Meaningful & realistic goal setting (team & individual)
  • Identifying & committing to roles
  • Successful communication
  • Building, supporting, & recognizing character development

Team Retainer

$400 per month – 3 hours of service at team discretion
Suited for programs or clubs ready to incorporate continuous mental training into their team(s) development
Applications of service:

  • One-on-one sessions for athletes or coaches
  • Coaching development consultation
  • Team meetings geared toward mental training to facilitate player development
  • Attendance at practices or competition to supervise/advise as needed


Targeted Team Intervention

$200 per session (+$15 for each athlete over group larger than 20)
Specific issue/topic as identified in collaboration with coach(s)
Team tailored presentations designed to address area of need
Suited for established teams with one or more of the following:

  • Struggling with a specific are of concern
  • Interest in general applications of specific performance areas
  • Targeted areas of performance in facilitation with coaching philosophy